The Pacific Conference is a network of Brethren in Christ congregations located in California, Oregon, and Washington.

As part of the BIC U.S., we facilitate church planting, hiring and supporting local pastors, and developing ministry initiatives within the Pacific Conference.

Meet Bishop Perry Engle

Perry Engle, bishop of the Midwest and Pacific Conferences.

Perry has been serving as bishop of the Midwest and Pacific Conferences since 2002.

Before his appointment as bishop, Perry was a church planter and founding co-pastor of New Community BIC, Chino, Calif., where he pastored for 15 years.

In his role as bishop, Perry brings a passion for peace and justice, advocating for women in ministry, culturally relevant communication, and radical renewal for the Church. Perry is an active leader at both the BIC’s regional and denominational levels, lending his gifts of communication and humor to each task.

Perry lives with his wife, Marta in Ontario, Calif., where they attend GracePoint (Calif.) BIC. When not busy with his duties as bishop, Perry enjoys writing, hanging out in his garden, and camping at the beach with his family.

Conference Map

Bold color – States where BIC congregations are located.
Light color – States without a BIC congregational presence.

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